St Johns Point.

St Johns Point

When i was down at the lighhouse at st johns point i decided to climb out the rocks and venture out and capture an image looking back at the scene which you see in this image. I was out there for quite some time and the tide came in. this was another time when i was wearing trainers and jeans and t shirt no real protection from the waves and water. Then as i was convinced that i had gotten the shot i wanted i took my head up off the camera and looked around me to see that i was surrounded by the waves and actually had no choice but to simply lift my camera and tripod and walk through the water. getting soaked and returning to the car with out a change of clothes and having to drive home in the wet jeans and no shoes or socks.
From this point on i started to pack an extra change of clothes for the car.

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St Johns Point

Project Details

Capture Date: 7, August, 2014

Photographer: Steven Black

Gallery: Down,