About S Black Photo

S Black Photo is the brand name, with Steven Black as the photographer behind the lens. Here I share the story of becoming S Black Photo

My passion for photography started in my teenage years when I first picked up a Pentax MG and boy have things changed since then!

Taking photographs is my chance to escape from reality. To be free as the birds you view in my gallery. Spending time in nature is a special feeling, especially when the light is just right. I can have a picture in my head – it’s now time to setup and capture that special moment! 

I find myself in harmony, living in the moment. Viewing the surrounding landscape with my eyes wide open.

I’m thinking of one thing now…

Will it look good hanging framed on your wall?

As an enthusiastic photographer I love to learn, I am always asking myself is there a way I can do it better?

Steven of S Black Photo

Every day is a new beginning and another opportunity to capture my best ever image – this inspires me. It inspires me when I wake up and it inspires me when I go to sleep at night, that’s right I even dream about photography!

That dream is to continue learning, to evolve and collaborate with like-minded individuals – my photography journey is just getting started!!

For a long time I have been encouraged by my friends and family to share my photography by displaying my images to public and offering them for sale.

Northern Ireland Photography Association Winning Image.

Herron On The Bann

My real turning point came when I was informed of winning my first photography competition.

The Northern Ireland Photography Association Annual Award 2014 with my image of the Herron On The River Bann.

Since setting up S Black Photo.

This website was first set up in 2014 during a difficult stage of my life.
I had injured my back at work and took months to recover. Truth be told I’m still recovering with good days and bad.
This may be the 7th version of my site as it has been and is still evolving.

Travelling around Ireland

In November 2019 I bought and converted my transit van into a camper. Enabling me to travel and photograph the scenes within and beyond Ireland.

You can check out my travels on my blog posts as I bring you along as I travel around Ireland.