Capturing Photographs in Wicklow

When the Lockdown was lifted in Ireland I headed south the first chance I could get. Along the East Coast south of Dublin lies a County that Is filled with photography potential.

Revisiting County of Wicklow with a difference. Rather than travelling and sleeping in the van with Boris. I was meeting up with a fellow photographer. Chris kindly offered me to stay with him and his family for the weekend and show me around Wicklow.

In Addition to the places which I had previously found myself, on google maps and by simply going with the flow and allowing myself to get lost to find new and beautiful landscapes. Chris showed me a few hidden gems.

Visiting Wicklows popular places like Glendalough, Devils Glen & Lough Tay.

I was also privileged to be shown the way to a little spot that is lesser-known. referred to as the secret waterfall. Hidden in Wicklow mountains. However, The more people visit the less secret it becomes.

Unfortunately, due to social media popularising natural locations, the damage brought about by merely walking through the banks of rivers trading over wildflowers and my pet peeve littering. These natural havens are being scared.

I would urge others to read this article written by nature first alternatively listen to this podcast to find out more.

Another fascinating photography example from my trip to County Wicklow was visiting the village of Avoca to photograph the Red Kites.

Wicklow reintroduced these protected birds back into wildlife in 2008 and they have since thrived, with a community of approximately thirty in Wicklow. Their territory spans outward however the quaint little village of Avoca boasts the easiest vantage point even from the main street they fly fast on the hunt for their food.

This is one of many blog posts about my travels throughout Ireland.
I hope that you enjoy looking through my images and consider ordering a print to hang framed on your wall.

Massive thank you to Chris, Vanessa, and the girls.
It was lovely to be welcomed into their home and guided around.

The weather on this day was the best of the week and it was at this point that the reality of everyday life required that I came home to Belfast.

My trip along the Wild Atlantic way was my longest journey up to this point. The weather threw in a few obstacles along the way and quite a lot of the locations where I had stopped didn’t see my camera come out of the bag.

I really enjoyed my travels along the Wild Atlantic Way therefore I have no doubt that I will be revisiting the West coast of Ireland several times to capture the amazing scenery it has to offer.

The Images which I have captured on this trip are available for online purchase.

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