Welcome from Steven

Passionate about photography.

My passion for photography goes back to my teenage years. It had and continues to be the escapism, where i can be spending time in nature and I will switch off the gremlin chatting in my head.
I find myself in harmony living in the moment viewing the surrounding landscape with my eyes wide open.

Its at that point when I decide which pieces of the natural world I will take home with me to hang on my wall.
The hanging of the images on my wall is like a magic key allowing me to transport myself back to nature while in my home, activating the memory of being in the location of the those images

Im one of those people who loves learning regardless of which role i'm in. As an enthusiastic photographer I shall always be evolving and asking myself is there a way I can do it better - this sets my soul on fire.

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Selling my work

For a long time I have been encouraged by my friends and family to share my photography by displaying my images to public and offering them for sale.

My real turning point starting me on my journey came when I was informed of winning my first photography competition, which was the Northern Ireland Photography Association Annual Award 2014 with my image of the Herron On The River Bann.

I decided that it was time for me to display my portfolio giving you the opportunity to see my images.

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